Wikitravel and World 66

Wikitravel is a travel guide using wiki software.  It looks a lot like Wikipedia, but that’s only because they use the same software to operate the site.  It is owned by a separate company called Internet Brands, Inc., which also owns another travel wiki called World 66.

Wikitravel’s Berlin and Munich pages have the cold, sterile wiki page look to them.  World 66’s Berlin and Munich pages look a bit more like a traditional travel site.  Both, however, can be edited by anyone, which means all advice should be taken with the same grain of salt that you use when reading a Wikipedia entry.

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Berlin Bakeries

They’re like fast food joints in the US. There’s one on just about every corner in Berlin (and maybe two more in between). The bakery. It’s not surprising then that Germany is one of the world’s highest per capita consumers of bread. If breakfast comes with your room, you’ll probably get an introduction to the beloved brötchen (a bread roll) there. But don’t count on that to be representative (or even a good example of) German bread. There are a notoriously high number of under-par bakeries in Berlin — in comparison to other German cities, that is. Good German bread is spectacular, including everything from plane-Jane white rolls to dense, multigrain options that are basically a meal all by themselves.

Getting Baked in Berlin – Gridskipper, the Urban Travel Guide

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Since we’ll have kitchens at Apartments am Brandenburger Tor, I might be tempted to do a little grocery shopping.  Gridskipper listed its seven favorite bakeries in Berlin.  Two of them are reasonably close by: Märkisches Landbrot, Gartenstraße 1 10115 (about 1.5 miles), and BioBackHaus Leib, Bahnhof Friedrichstraße Berlin (just over a half-mile, inside the Friedrichstraße train station).

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IHT Travel Blog

The International Herald Tribune began adding reporters’ blogs to its site in early 2006.  This past May, they added Globespotters, a travel guide billing itself as “Urban advice from reporters who live there.”  The blog only “officially” covers six cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Paris and, most importantly for this tour, Berlin.  (There is, however, one post about Amsterdam, as well as a post about Munich filed under the Berlin category.)

On the front page of Globespotters, you can find in the upper right corner a box featuring the six destinations.  You can click on either the main blog for a city, or the Travel Basics link.  For example, take a look at the Travel Basics for Berlin.  Since I will be traveling with my laptop, I was happy to see the following:

“TECHNOLOGY: As for being able to log on, slowly but surely, coffee bars are providing wi-fi. But if you want to browse without too much cigarette smoke, check out the smoking situation.”

Also, having just blogged about Kollwitzplatz, I was happy to see a restaurant recommendation for that neighborhood: Gugelhof, an Alsatian restaurant.  Of course, we have a day trip to Strasbourg on October 12, but if you’re like me and can’t get enough of Alsace, it might be worth a trip!

One last note about IHT: in today’s travel section, there is a report about strikes affecting the Deutsche Bahn rail system.  So far the strikes are affecting freight trains, but the driver’s union indicated that they will move to passenger trains next.  Pilots from the airline LTU are also striking.

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Gridskipper is a travel blog featuring information about visiting cities around the world, including Berlin, Munich, and other locales in Germany.  It is openly geared towards urban hipsters, but you can also find tips on areas that aren’t über-trendy.  For example, a recent post discussed the Kollwitzplatz neighborhood:

“If you are coming to Berlin to see Europe and not row upon row of greasy pubs, then Kollwitzplatz will charm you for its quaintness.”

Kollwitzplatz is 4.4km (2.7 miles) from the Apartments am Brandenburger Tor, where we will be staying while in Berlin.

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