Tasty ham hock

Germany 001I know, I know. This is my second post from Germany and there’s no actual content in it yet! We’re going on a tour of Berlin and the Reichstag art collection today, so I should have more substantive posts soon.

I’ve created a Germany Flickr set, which include photos of the hotel where Michael Jackson dangled his baby!

UPDATED: I almost forgot to mention that today is the Day of German Unity, celebrating the reunification of Germany in 1990.  The main festivities are rotated around the state capitals of Germany, so the big party isn’t in Berlin this year, but in Schwerin, capitol of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.  That said, there should be some goings on at Brandenburg Gate tonight.

Because today is a federal holiday, the city is ridiculously quiet right now.  It’s a bit weird wandering around the streets during business hours and seeing almost no one around.  I hope that means we’ll have the Reichstag to ourselves today.

Incidentally, the picture is of my dinner at Theodor Tucher, a restaurant by Brandenburg Gate.