Ein klein administrativ Anmerkung

Germany 118I’m off to Hamburg tomorrow, so I plan to post again on Sunday.  I still have the following visits to write about:

  • The Federal Foreign Service Archives (Ridiculously cool);
  • The Stasi Archives (Ridiculouslier cool);
  • The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (The Brookings of Germany, so how cool is that?);
  • That little trip to Hamburg I mentioned.

Our day of rest is Sunday, and I plan to send it bumming around the hipper neighborhoods in Berlin.  However, I will try to catch up a bit as well, mainly because I don’t want to forget anything, as I apparently will be co-presenting about the trip at SLA 2008.

After Sunday, things get complicated as we’re visiting Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Strasbourg, and Karlsruhe in quick succession.  I will hope for wifi at our hotels… well, not in Munich because we’re apparently staying at a monastery… but I may have to wait until the plane trip home before I get a chance to write up that week’s tour.

As always, my Germany photoset has all the latest pics. I may even get around to labeling today’s photos at some point!