Leipzig Memorandum

During our visit to the Hamburg Bürgerschaftskanzlei, Dr. Christine Wellems discussed and passed around the Leipzig Memorandum.  This document described the role of the government library in the information age.  The Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Parlaments und Behördenbibliotheken has a page about the memo, which includes an English translation of it.


A quick update

Surfer in the IsarWe’re in Karlsruhe tonight. Since my last post, we have been to Dresden and to Munich. Tomorrow, we’re off to Strasbourg. Sunday, I go home.

This has been an incredibly hectic travel schedule, but things have gone smoothly. Evelin Morgenstern, our intrepid leader, has been fantastic, and any potential disasters have been deftly avoided.

I will try to do some writing tomorrow on the bus ride to and from Strasbourg and post tomorrow night. The majority of my writing will be done on Sunday at Frankfurt’s airport. In the meantime, I’ve uploaded the photos from the past few days to my Germany photoset.  I’ll write better captions later.

Ein klein administrativ Anmerkung

Germany 118I’m off to Hamburg tomorrow, so I plan to post again on Sunday.  I still have the following visits to write about:

  • The Federal Foreign Service Archives (Ridiculously cool);
  • The Stasi Archives (Ridiculouslier cool);
  • The German Institute for International and Security Affairs (The Brookings of Germany, so how cool is that?);
  • That little trip to Hamburg I mentioned.

Our day of rest is Sunday, and I plan to send it bumming around the hipper neighborhoods in Berlin.  However, I will try to catch up a bit as well, mainly because I don’t want to forget anything, as I apparently will be co-presenting about the trip at SLA 2008.

After Sunday, things get complicated as we’re visiting Dresden, Hamburg, Munich, Strasbourg, and Karlsruhe in quick succession.  I will hope for wifi at our hotels… well, not in Munich because we’re apparently staying at a monastery… but I may have to wait until the plane trip home before I get a chance to write up that week’s tour.

As always, my Germany photoset has all the latest pics. I may even get around to labeling today’s photos at some point!

Hello Tour Participants

Welcome to a blog I created for us to use to share information, comment on the tour, and anything else we want to use it for! Please let me know if you want to be able to edit the blog or if you want something posted, just email me at crogers@statelibrary.sc.gov. Thanks! -Dr. Curtis R. Rogers, SC State Library. (Jerry Mansfield is responsible for mentioning to me the notion of having a blog for the group which was the complete impetus for its creation).