Deutscher Bundestag: World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries – Germany

Official name of the country: Bundesrepublik Deutschland(Federal Republic of Germany)Official language: DeutschOfficial name of Parliament: There are two legislative bodies, of which the elective German Bundestag is the supreme legislative authority. The component federal states, the Länder, participate through the Bundesrat in the legislation and administration of the Federation. The Bundesrat consists of members of the Land governments which appoint and recall them. Laws passed by the German Bundestag require the consent of the Bundesrat when matters affecting the federal states are concerned. In German constitutional law the German Bundestag and the Bundesrat constitute two separate constitutional bodies of their own.

Deutscher Bundestag: World Directory of Parliamentary Libraries – Germany

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Oktoberfest in Munich

When you hear the word “Oktoberfest”, it’s almost certain that one
thing comes to mind… Bavarian Beer! The truth is, there is much more
behind-the-scenes information that lurks beneath the countless years of
this world-renowned Bavarian tradition. The next Oktoberfest takes place from September 22nd until October 7th 2007 – Don’t miss it! – Oktoberfest

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…a few cultural events

From Christine:

Monday, Oct. 8th in Dresden
(for those interested in ballett (such as me) the Semper Opera offers Ballets Russes – famous ballet after Diaghelev – see link
It starts at 7 pm., but seats are quite expensive : nice seats would be 5 Euro.

On Thursday,  oct. 4th Berliner Ensemble (former Brecht Theatre “Am Schiffbauerdamm”) plays Milva canta (sings) Brecht – starts at 8 p.m. (Milva is quite a famous chanson singer) tickets 5 to 30 Euro

On Friday, oct. 5th Berliner Ensemble (former Brecht Theatre “Am Schiffbauerdamm”) plays: Trommeln in der Nacht – (Bertold Brecht) – tickets from 5 to 30 Euro.

Both events are in German…. here is the link :

Berlin Antique Market

The famous Berlin Antique Market awaits you at Bahnhof Friedrichstraße. Over 40 dealers present antiques, rarities and many curios from times gone by in 13 converted municipal railway arches every day (except Tuesdays) from 11 am until 6 pm. Here you are guarenteed to find just the right souvenir or the collector’s piece you have been looking for. And we will then spoil you in “Zur Nolle” restaurant, in “Café Odeon” or in “Café & Restaurant Leon” with select dishes and fine cake creations. So don’t delay!


Berlin Bakeries

They’re like fast food joints in the US. There’s one on just about every corner in Berlin (and maybe two more in between). The bakery. It’s not surprising then that Germany is one of the world’s highest per capita consumers of bread. If breakfast comes with your room, you’ll probably get an introduction to the beloved brötchen (a bread roll) there. But don’t count on that to be representative (or even a good example of) German bread. There are a notoriously high number of under-par bakeries in Berlin — in comparison to other German cities, that is. Good German bread is spectacular, including everything from plane-Jane white rolls to dense, multigrain options that are basically a meal all by themselves.

Getting Baked in Berlin – Gridskipper, the Urban Travel Guide

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Since we’ll have kitchens at Apartments am Brandenburger Tor, I might be tempted to do a little grocery shopping.  Gridskipper listed its seven favorite bakeries in Berlin.  Two of them are reasonably close by: Märkisches Landbrot, Gartenstraße 1 10115 (about 1.5 miles), and BioBackHaus Leib, Bahnhof Friedrichstraße Berlin (just over a half-mile, inside the Friedrichstraße train station).

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