Germany Parliamentary Library Study Tour 2007

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Videos October 21, 2007

Videos on YouTube by Curtis Rogers. Here you will find various excerpts of the tours and libraries we visited in Germany.

Riding the Pater Noster in the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. This is a lift that is continuous and you have to jump on and jump off. I was riding with with the director of the library, Dr. Gundula Felton.

Lobby of the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. We went on a tour of the library prior to the arrival of the rest of the study tour participants. This shows the artwork and fountain.

River view. This is a basic view of the river right outside the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.

Bus Ride through Berlin. This is a bus ride that started at the Kaiser Wilheml church in Berlin. For more information about the church and its history, visit

Bundestag Breakfast. This was right after a nice breakfast at the Bundestag rooftop restaurant with fellow librarians. Michael Cullen also gave a presentation on Berlin. The view of Berlin was great!

Bundestag Dome. Starting from the top, we walked down the dome looking at the skyline of Berlin.

The following are a series of tours given to the group my Michael Cullen who is an American living in Berlin and knows much of the country’s and city’s history.
Cullen Tour pt 1
Cullen Tour pt 2
Cullen Tour pt 3
Cullen Tour pt 4
Jewish Memorial (Track 17)

The following are clips from the tour of the Archives of the Auswärtigen Amt. This is the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin. Our tour guide was Herbert Karbach.
Auswärtigen Amt pt 1
Auswärtigen Amt pt 2
Auswärtigen Amt pt 3
Auswärtigen Amt pt 4
Auswärtigen Amt pt 5
Auswärtigen Amt pt 6
Auswärtigen Amt pt 7

Among all the work, three of us, Christine Wellems, Cathy Martin and I took in an Organ Concert at the Französische Dom in Berlin.

The following are clips from the tour of the Archiv der Zentralstelle. This is the Stasi Records Office in Berlin. Our tour guide was Günther Bormann, Head of the “Leitungsbüro”.
Stasi tour 1
Stasi tour 2
Stasi tour 3

The following are clips of the tour by Dr. Christine Wellems of the Parliament building and it’s Information Services division in Hamburg.
Hamburg pt 1
Hamburg pt 2
Hamburg pt 3
Hamburg pt 4
Hamburg pt 5
Hamburg pt 6
Hamburg pt 7
Hamburg pt 8
Hamburg pt 9

We also visited the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg where Prof. Dr. Holger Knudsen, Head of the Library, provided us with information.

The following are clips of the tour of the Saxon Parliament.
Saxon Parliament pt 1
Saxon Parliament pt 2
Saxon Parliament pt 3

While not directly library-related, we also had a wonderful walking tour guide for Dresden. This walking tour is in two parts: Part 1, and Part 2.

The following clips are from the Saxon State Library (Regional and University Library) in Dresden.
Saxon State Library pt 1
Saxon State Library pt 2
Saxon State Library pt 3
Saxon State Library pt 4

The following are clips of the tour of the German Patent and Trademark Office. Giving the presentation is Hubert Rothe.
Patent and Trademark Office pt 1
Patent and Trademark Office pt 2
Patent and Trademark Office pt 3

I was able to do a brief clip of Peter Weber, head of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property Library, but then my battery ran out…

The following are clips from the tour of the European Court of Human Rights and its Information Center in Strasbourg, France.
Court of Human Rights pt 1
Court of Human Rights pt 2
Court of Human Rights pt 3

This is a brief clip from our luncheon at the Court lunch room.

While in Strasbourg, France, our group was treated to a wonderful riverboat cruise through the town.

In Karlsrhue, we toured the Federal Constitutional Court (part 1 and part 2) and its Library with Volker Plettenberg.

We also had a lovely tour of the Schloss and climbed the Schlossturm where the view of Karlsrhue was beautiful. Also it was Chris Zammarelli’s 35th birthday so we celebrated at lunch!

We then toured the Federal Court of Justice and its library with Dietrich Pannier.
Outside the library
Inside the library part 1, part 2, and part 3.

And finally, we had a wonderful farewell dinner where awards were given to each participant in the study tour!